Alex De Pase

NTENZE teams with Alex De Pase, a world famous tattoo artist and master of the color portrait.  Alex, shares his tattoo ink strategy and color process with the world. The set includes a mixing guide that shows how Alex achieves color mixes in specific areas of some of his award-winning tattoos, with graphics to accompany them for accurate visual guidance for your reference.

Alex de Pase Advanced Fleshtone Series includes: Mattone, Ombra, Pelle, Tufo, Magenta, and Terra Di Sienna.

We are an authorized distributor of the Intenze brand.  All of our inks are guaranteed to be authentic or your money back.  Owned and operated by the world famous celebrity artist, Mario Barth, this brand has been a huge player in the professional industry for decades.  Their colors are known to be among the brightest healing in the tattooing world.  All colors now of this premium line are on sale!