• $270.00

Silver ATOM® Tattoo Power Supply by Critical

Sold to Professionals Only.

The Atom Power Supply is a versatile and user-friendly power supply that is compatible with all coil and rotary machines. This power supply features an easy to use control knob that doubles as the on/off switch and mode adjustment. The same knob is also used to easily adjust the voltage by turning clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the voltage. It features a unique voltage indicator that changes color according to its setting, which ranges from 1.5v up to 17v.

The Atom Power Supply has 1/4″ mono jack inputs for standard RCA clipcords and foot pedals if desired (a foot pedal is not required to operate as this power supply has a pedal override mode). It has two foot pedal modes – maintained and momentary – and also features a jump-start mode for rotary tattoo machines.

Built-in magnets and silicone grips allow this power supply to be used on a variety of surfaces. The Atom Power Supply has a fully machined anodized aluminum housing and is available in Black or Silver. This listing is for the Atom Power Supply in Black.

* Color: Black
* Dimensions: 2-7/8″ diameter, 1-3/4″ height
* Weight: 6.4oz
* Output Voltage: 1.5v – 17v
* Compatible with all coil and rotary tattoo machines
* User-friendly rotary control push knob to turn on/off, switch modes, and change voltage
* Color changing voltage indicator
* Two foot pedal modes – maintained or momentary
* Jump-start mode feature for rotary tattoo machines
* 1/4″ mono jack inputs for standard clip cord and foot pedal (foot pedal not required to run)
* CNC-machined anodized aluminum housing
* Built-in magnets and silicone grips allow for use on a variety surfaces
* Power adapter included
* 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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