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The Dynamic Color Traditional Tattoo Ink Set is a vibrant collection meticulously created for artists who cherish timeless tattoo aesthetics. This 1oz set features essential colors that form the backbone of traditional tattoo art.  The set includes five 1oz bottles of quintessential colors: Black, Canary Yellow, Blue, Green, and Fire Red.  Whether you’re crafting classic icons, bold old-school patterns, or custom pieces that resonate with vintage charm, these inks provide the perfect palette to bring your artistic visions to life with striking clarity and lasting brilliance. Embrace the heritage of tattooing with Dynamic Color’s Traditional Set, where every hue tells a story steeped in tradition.

Crafted with pride in the USA, Dynamic Color tattoo inks redefine professional standards with their unparalleled pigment density. Renowned for their seamless flow, these inks enhance every tattoo, from intricate details to bold shading and amazing outlines.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Safety: In today’s market, where counterfeit products are rampant, Dynamic Color ensures authenticity with each ink housed in transparent PET bottles, featuring an anti-counterfeiting Dynamic logo. Our sterilized inks are sealed with a Dynamic Color approved heat seal, safeguarding your trust and hygiene.  Our company has been a direct distributor for Dynamic Color for

Proven Healing and Vibrant Results: Transition smoothly from ink to art with our inks that promise easy application and spectacular healing, yielding vibrant, enduring results. Backed by decades of trust since 1990, Dynamic Color inks have been artist-approved for their reliability and brilliance.

Unleash Your Creative Potential: With a spectrum of 30 vibrant colors at your disposal, our high-pigment inks invite you to blend and create unique hues that define your artistic vision. Dynamic Color empowers you to push the boundaries of creativity.

Ethically Formulated: Committed to ethical practices, our inks contain no animal derivatives and are 100% cruelty-free. Safe for the skin and environmentally conscious, Dynamic Color inks are designed for conscientious artists who prioritize health and sustainability.

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