• $35.00

INKDERM Clear Adhesive tattoo bandage in 8 inch x 5.5 yd (200″) roll or 8″x9″ Sheets. INKDERM is a new clear professional tattoo adhesive film bandage that protects the skin and your tattoo. The adhesive film adheres to your skin without damaging the tattoo while protecting it from the bacteria, germs and other environmental contaminants. The material allows the skin to breathe, which is important in the natural healing process of the tattoo. from the environment but still allows the skin to breathe.

Being clear, INKDERM allows the new tattoo to show brilliantly while protecting it. Under the barrier, the skin is allowed to use its natural healing processes to operate uninterrupted by environmental contaminants. This moist healing method has long been used by doctors and nurses in hospitals for treating burns and abrasions. The moist healing method limits the chances of the tattoo scabbing or itching. Colors tend to heal brighter while dark tones heal darker. Basically, it locks in the ink and keeps it where it is supposed to be during the crucial healing process.

Being waterproof, you can shower and wash as you would normally without any worry about the new tattoo getting affected. No need to apply lotions and creams, let the body’s natural healing process to get the job done.


  • Available in 3 options: 8″ x 5.5 yard roll / 8″ x 9″ Sheets x5 / 8″ x 9″ Sheets x10
  • Goes on clear so you can see your awesome tattoo as it heals!
  • Protects the tattoo from abrasions and contaminants!
  • Locks in the moisture so all your yummy healing juices can get to work!
  • Does not require any crazy creams or gooey gels!  Just the bodies own healing!

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