About us


TAT TATTOO SUPPLIES is a quality-driven online shop for a varied selection of tattoo and piercing supplies and equipment. At TAT TATTOO, we are selective about the products we carry. As lovers of this age-long body art, we believe a tattoo supply shop owes its clients more than the selling of tattoo items alone. It is why we sell only such products that we believe in; products that we will like to be used on us whenever we are under the blade in a studio.

With much effort put into work to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, we believe our products to be the best choice in quality, price, and durability for our customers. Whether you are a pro tattoo artist or a beginner, we take up the worries of ensuring that you buy top-notch items so that you need not border about anything else after making your purchase.

Behind Tat Tattoo Supplies, is a tattoo loving team led by an industry insider with half a decade years of sourcing and recommending best tattoo supplies and equipment to beginners and professional artist. With all we do, our team shows our appreciation and respect for the history, culture, and craft of tattooing by providing the very best tools of the trade and the highest level of customer service to the craft masters that carry on this tradition every day.

We are glad to have you, someone that needs tattoo supplies, visit our shop. It reassures us that we aren’t the only tattoo lovers in the world.

Do have a pleasant shopping Experience!