Green Soap in 1 Gallon

Green Soap 1 Gallon

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Green Soap in large size 1 gallon bottle. Green Soap is a medical level soap that is generally not available in retail stores. This stuff is a great multi purpose soap for this industry. Green Soap is normally diluted to make it less concentrated so it is more easily rinsed off or does not leave as much residue to cleaning areas. Diluting green soap will generally not affect its ability to clean germs, unless you dilute it way too much. It is best to use distilled water with green soap to dilute it. Product code: LGSP


Green Soap Uses

Green Soap is used for many different applications in the tattoo industry. It is an excellent, eco-friendly cleaning agent that is made with vegetable oils and glycerine. It is used for skin preparation. A mixture of 10 percent to 90 percent of distilled water will make an excellent skin prep solution. It is used as a pre-soak for your needles, tubes and grips before they go into the autoclave. It is used for transferring of artwork to skin. It is used as an all purpose cleaner for all surface areas. Green Soap is safe to use for bathroom soap. Be careful with heat as it is flammable.

Green Soap for Tattoo Stencil Transferring

Green Soap can be used for tattoo stencil transferring. When you put the transfer to skin, spray the stencil with a green soap solution and wipe over it with a paper towel before removing the transfer. Use a minimal amount, you don’t want to drench the area in solution.

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