Javelin X Permanent Makeup Kit

Javelin X Permanent Makeup Kit

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Javelin X Professional Permanent Makeup Pen Kit, a training system. This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship.

Javelin X is an amazingly well-designed Permanent Makeup pen, the Ultimate Power House. One of the first of its kind in a set. The Javelin X has a powerful 4.5 watt motor, making solid lines an absolute ease! Javelin X excels at lining and color packing. And with this smooth designed motor, it is capable of doing lining, shading, and Ombre work with precision and flow. This machine is known for its incredibly low vibration system and noise reduction chamber. It has the versatility of the huge selection of different needle cartridges from bugpin liners, power liners, weaved/tight/power/curved/flat magnums, the sky is the limit. It is ideal for producing detailed, intricate work. Operating voltage of 1-12v.

And that’s just the Pen!

Javelin X Permanent Makeup pen Kit comes with everything you need to start, including a small and light power supply, saving you more room on the trolley. It includes 3 most popular Doreme Liquid colors, covering from eyeliner to brows to lips, making this the perfect learning and starter kit.

That’s not all! We also include 10x 1R lining needle cartridges and 10x 3R shading needle cartridges. With these cartridges, you can choose to work on eyeliner, hair strokes or lip feathering. We include skins for you to practice on as well!

**Doreme pigment colors depend on availability**


  • Javelin X Tattoo Pen in Smooth Silver
  • Pulse Overdrive Machine Power Supply
  • 6′ Long Connector Cord
  • Foot Switch
  • Ink cups pack
  • Ink cup holder
  • Practice skin x2
  • Universal 1 Round Liner Cartridges x 10
  • Universal 3 Round Shader Cartridges x 10
  • Skin Wax Pencil x 1
  • Doreme Liquid (Black Color) x1
  • Doreme Liquid (Brown Color) x1
  • Doreme Liquid (Lip Color) x1

For cartridges, see Universal Cartridges 

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