Kuro Sumi Soft Gray Wash Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi Soft Gray Wash Shading Ink

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Kuro Sumi Soft Gray Wash  Ink is a Superb mixing that makes many different shades for that ultimate smoky tattoo look. Product code

A different Kind of Sumi Tattoo Ink

This brand is a different kind of Sumi tattoo ink. These products are made via the burning of a proprietary blend of plants that produce a carbon black that is unmatched in darkness and staying black. You may have seen imitation and cheap knockoffs with weird sounding Japanese names, however, the original, is and always will be Kuro Sumi inks. Some of the imitation stuff out there have never been tested for safety, we at Hildbrandt Tattoo are dedicated to aiding Kuro Sumi in stamping out fakers. We are proud to be an genuine distributor of this great product, we are listed as a authorized distributor on their home website.

Kuro Sumi for a Good Grey Wash Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo ink that will make a good grey wash tattoo even better? Try Kuro Sumi! This brand has many different shading inks that will help you blend and mix varying degrees of lighter and deeper greys. Professional artists all over the world use this stuff and swear by it. Want something more special? Check out the line of bronze and cherry shading. Bronze will produce a sepia tone to your shading. Cherry will produce a reddish tint to your shading.

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