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Borg Tattoo Machine, Signature Collection in Red frame, professionally setup as a Shader.

These pieces are hand made in Hudsen Massachusetts.  Design and made by the shops of Borg Design.  Known throughout the industry for their miniature sized frame, compact coils and extremely well balanced design.  As the miniature size suggests, these are very light weight machines with a weight of 6.7 ounces.

This frame is made of stainless steel that is milled in their in house, CNC Horizontal machining centers.  The solid frame construction allows for more efficient electrical current flow and superior strength.  Liners are set with 0.018 cutback front springs and 0.018 rear springs with a 33uf capacitor.  Color Shaders are set with 0.020 front spring and 0.020 rear spring with a 47uf capacitor.

Featured Borg Artists include Jose Sanchez, Erick Melendez, Cale Turpen and Jason Ackerman.

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