Javelin Tornado Tattoo Pen Machine

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 Javelin Tornado Tattoo Pen Machine  Is:

 * Capable of blasting through lines
* Capable of packing in the color
* Gentle enough to blend and shade
* Adjustable soft and hard stroke/hit
* Made of Aircraft Aluminum
* Maxon 6watt motor
* Stroke length of 3.5mm
* Operating voltage range: 6-10V DC
* RCA jack plug connection
* Fits all standard cartridge needles in the market


The Javelin Tornado Tattoo Pen Machine will power through any tattoo.The Javelin  Tornado Tattoo Machine aptly named Tornado is built with a Maxon 6W motor, putting it in the same power range as the highest end tattoo pen machines on the market.

The motor has a starting volt of 4V DC, working voltage of 6-10V DC. We went the middle ground with the stroke at 3.5mm, making it apt at both lining and shading, may want to turn down the power for shading and blending though. Adjustable soft and hard stroke/hit, hard for lining & soft for shading. Frequency of 0-10000 Rotations Per Minute. Made out of sleek and lighweight Aircraft Aluminum and RCA ready.

Fits all standard size needle cartridges but we recommend  Universal Needle Cartridges because they are awesome, sharp and come in every gauge and taper configuration you can dream of.


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