S8 Tattoo Stencil Printer – AirPrint Kit

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S8 Tattoo, together with Brother Mobile Printing, has developed this amazing, extremely portable, easy to use and specially designed for professional tattoo artists!  This is the world of digital tattooing, what a time to be alive!  These lightweight, compact, battery-powered* printers help artists easily connect to laptops or handheld devices almost anywhere. Rather than spending countless amounts of time drawing stencils by hand or using old and unreliable thermal machines, the new S8 Stencil Printer can print a clean, 300 dpi stencil in seconds.
With the Spirit Thermal Printer in early 2015, digital stencil printing was made possible in the tattoo community. While this was a huge step forward, stencil printing with this device could be difficult and time consuming. Now, eighteen months later, S8 Tattoo has partnered with Brother Mobile Printing to develop a Stencil Printer that will work with you to print the best stencil possible. New software installed on each unit has been paired with upgraded hardware. This allows the S8 Stencil Printer to actively manage heat settings as your artwork is printed on to either S8 Thermal or Spirit Thermal paper. By changing the way your printer handles heavy contrast zones and dense spaces, the new S8 Stencil Printer has nearly eliminated common paper jamming, increased consistency of colorant in dark areas, and improved gradient printing abilities on every print! Digital stencil printing has become easier and faster! and faster!

  • Print artwork directly from your computer or iOS wireless devices in seconds!
  • Works with all Apple AirPrint devices!
  • New software designed for the professional tattoo artist nearly eliminates common paper jamming issues, making for an easier-than-ever print!
  • This kit includes the S8 Stencil Printer – AirPrint, two S8 Red Stencil Kits, USB cable, and a US style power cord.
  • Designed for use with S8 and Sprit Thermal Paper
  • Small, compact design easily fits in your travel bag or carry-on
  • Vivid, crisp images burn at 300 dpi resolution
  • Optional Li-Ion Battery enables portable, on-the-go-printing
  • Print wirelessly from your device with Apple AirPrint , Google Cloud Print and Mopria for easy printing without special apps or drivers
  • Print crisp, vivid images via USB cable
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows Vista, macOS 10.8 or later

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