Cheyenne Power Supply PU 3

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Cheyenne Power Supply PU 3 is the highly innovative Cheyenne Power Unit 3 features a contact less, hand gesture control. A simple wipe & wave movement will set the unit into motion allowing for a more hygienic, easier way to work. Boasting 23 frequency levels also ensures absolute precision.

The Cheyenne Power Supply PU 3  comes with 8 different integrated magnets and a removable plate. That way, the PU 3 can be positioned at different locations and fastens safely onto small metal surfaces. The built in sensor will recognize the actual position of the power unit and will rotate the display just like a tablet device according to the position of the user.

The Cheyenne Power Supply PU 3 also has 2 USB ports to enable further devices to be connected and powered such as mobile phones, tablets, speakers and more.

To get a great setup with this power supply, please see the Cheyenne Hawk Pen.

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