Javelin Limitless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit-20 Color

Javelin Limitless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit-20 Color

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The Javelin Limitless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit is LIMITLESS!  This setup combines the familiarity and ease of use of the Javelin Tattoo Pen and the freedom of the Immortal Portable Power Supply!  The balance and weight melds perfectly with this combination.  Included is the invaluable Tattoo Crash Course 101 the thousands of designs of the Holy Flash CD and a plethora of other components and inks!

The Javelin is an amazingly well-designed tattoo pen. One of the first of its kind in a set. We are breaking barriers by creating a setup that combines the traditional gear you need with the newest in cutting-edge technology. The Javelin is a smooth running, sleek and rugged machine. The Javelin is capable of doing lining, shading, and BG work. It excels in shading and BG work. It has the versatility of the huge selection of different needle cartridges from bugpin liners, power liners, weaved/tight/power/curved/flat magnums, the sky is the limit on the kind of work you will be able to do. It shades in tones and colors beautifully and effortlessly. It will get the job done as a liner if need be, just slow down your hand and it will line fine, but for users that prefer more power, we suggest investing in the Javelin X, which features 2x the motor power and a longer stroke. The original Javelin, which is the one that comes with this setup, feature RPM: 9370 unloaded, and 8320 loaded, 2.5 watt motor that is silky smooth with low vibration. It is ideal for producing detailed, intricate shading, fair lining, and blending. Operating voltage of 1-12v.


  • Javelin Tattoo Pen
  • Immortal Portable Power Supply
  • Universal Round Liner Cartridges x 5
  • Universal Round Shader Cartridges x 5
  • Pack of flat base ink cups
  • Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash archive CD
  • Truecolor 20 Color Ink Set

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