SkinLock Spray On Transparent Tattoo Sealant

SkinLock Spray On Transparent Tattoo Sealant

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SkinLock Spray

Skinlock is an advanced liquid spray on transparent tattoo sealant that seals and instantly locks in the ink of a fresh tattoo.  It eliminates the need for petroleum based ointments and secondary dressings.  When applied, this stuff forms a see through, protective coating that is breatheable that promotes healing and prevents infection.  This product protects the integrity of your newly done ink.  This amazing advanced formula replaces all of those messy bandages, meat pads and plastic wraps.  You have invested time, money and pain on your new tattoo, protect it with SkinLock.

An impressive team of famous artists developed and use SkinLock.  This all star group consists of Jack Rudy of Anaheim California, Charlie Cartwright of Anaheim California, Bob Tyrrell of Detroit Michigan, Joe Capobianco of New Haven Connecticut, John Montgomery of Redlands California, Jamie Izumi of Waterloo Ontario, Aleks Nedich of Minneapolis Minnesota and Dr. Thomas Barros of Dallas Texas.  The artists of this group are the best of the best and they protect their work, with SkinLock!

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Protect your client and your ink by applying right after the tattoo process, a thin layer of SkinLock followed by 1-2 pumps of SkinLock Sealant Spray.  The sealing process occurs quickly and continues to strengthen for 30 minutes after the application.  SkinLock stays on the skin for 2 hours, and then can be washed off and regular aftercare regimen recommended to clients can begin.  Each SkinLock kit contains 24 x 5 gram foil packs of Tattoo Hydrogel, and one 1 oz. spray bottle of Sealant.  Each kit is able to do 24 applications.

Each foil pack of Hydrogel is enough to cover an approximate 10″ x 6″ surface area. The spray bottle of Sealant will cover all the Hydrogel contained in the kit and more!

Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Size: 1oz 24 Hydrogel Packs (24 applications)

Tattoo Care

It is extremely important to take the appropriate steps to care for a tattoo as soon as it is completed. The proper “acute” or immediate care procedures help to protect the tattoo from infection and maintain the integrity of the art.

Traditional bandaging procedures often include the use of petroleum jelly and/or plastic wrap. These types of solutions can create an occlusive seal, which means that the tattooed skin does not breathe. This is a dangerous situation as it keeps all of the body fluids pooling on the skin surface, which can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. According to APT, “plastic wrap . . . retards the healing process and creates the sort of warm, moist, airless environment that encourages bacterial growth.” (

Bulky, inflexible non-transparent bandages held in place with adhesive can be difficult to keep on certain body parts (eg. elbows, hands, backs). This increases the risk of dirt and bacteria entering the wound area, and multiplies the chances of infection.

Currently, most immediate-care procedures and products result in blood and ink loss (or infection!) which will dramatically compromise the integrity of your art. This also means that your customer will be looking for costly touch-ups… at your expense. To us, that is simply unacceptable.

The SkinLock Solution

SkinLock is a new, innovative solution for immediate care of a fresh tattoo. It was developed through the collaboration of a medical physician and a tattoo artist to create a truly revolutionary product that achieves harmony between creativity and medicine.

A unique hydrogel formulation meets medical standards as it helps to reduce drainage from the tattoo and promote healing. With one application of SkinLock Sealant Spray, the hydrogel solidifies to form a thin, transparent, protective coating that eliminates the need for secondary dressings. This helps to keep dirt and bacteria out and keep the area clean to prevent infection.

SkinLock maintains a moist environment, while still allowing the skin and tattoo to breathe to enable healing. A wound that is not allowed to breathe is at risk to become a breeding ground for infection. And freshly tattooed skin that becomes too dry can result in the development of a crust which could damage the skin, the tattoo, and cause ink loss.

Since SkinLock forms a flexible coating on the skin, it is especially easy to apply on any part of the body.

A medically safe and sound treatment, SkinLock is also petroleum-free and manufactured with only USP grade ingredients that meet the highest standards of quality.

Directions For Use:

1. Gently clean the tattoo, removing any blood, ink, surface matter or ointments used during the tattooing process.
2. Open a single-use foil pack of SkinLock; with clean, gloved fingers, apply SkinLock to the tattoo in a thin, even layer, covering the tattoo up to ½ inch outside the tattoo margin.
3. Immediately mist with SkinLock Sealant Spray, holding the spray nozzle 12 inches away from the tattoo. Apply a very light spray to cover the tattoo. DO NOT OVERSPRAY. The spray causes the hydrogel to instantly begin to solidify, creating a flexible, transparent, protective barrier for the tattoo.

The process of sealing the tattoo occurs very quickly. The hydrogel continues to strengthen for approximately 30 minutes after application. No additional dressing is required.

Allow SkinLock to remain on the skin for two (2) hours, then gently wash off with cool water. Do not rub the area to avoid reactivation of bleeding or wound drainage.

Your preferred home aftercare procedure should be recommended for the next several weeks.

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