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Introducing the Atlas Double Deck Adjustable Workstation for Tattooing – the ultimate companion for tattoo artists seeking enhanced convenience and durability during their work. Crafted with precision and designed to meet the needs of professionals like you, this workstation is packed with features that elevate your tattooing experience to new heights.

360 Degrees of Adjustability: Embrace the freedom of movement with the Atlas Double Deck Adjustable Workstation. This workstation can be adjusted a full 360 degrees, allowing you to effortlessly position yourself and your equipment for the perfect tattooing angle. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to seamless tattooing.

Strengthened Frame Design: Built to last, the Atlas Workstation boasts a reinforced carbon steel frame that sets it apart from ordinary workstations. This strengthened design ensures exceptional stability and durability, even during intense tattoo sessions. Tattoo with confidence, knowing your workstation can handle the demands of your artistic prowess.

Portable Handbag Included: We understand the importance of mobility for tattoo artists, and that’s why the Atlas Workstation comes complete with a portable handbag. Whether you’re a traveling artist or simply need to move your workstation between different areas, the handbag makes transportation a breeze.

Height Adjustable: The Atlas Workstation empowers you to customize your setup with ease. With a height adjustment range of 65cm to 95cm (approximately 25.6 inches to 37.4 inches), find the perfect working height that suits your preferences and comfort level. No more straining or bending; focus solely on your artistry.

Optimized Deck Sizes: The Atlas Double Deck features two spacious decks, meticulously designed to accommodate your tattooing essentials. The first deck measures 40cm by 60cm (approximately 15.7 inches by 23.6 inches), providing ample space for your primary equipment. The second deck measures 40cm by 40cm (approximately 15.7 inches by 15.7 inches), ideal for holding additional tools or ink bottles.

Upgrade your tattooing workspace with the Atlas Double Deck Adjustable Workstation. Crafted with premium materials, engineered for flexibility and durability, and complemented by a portable handbag, this workstation is a game-changer for professional tattoo artists. Enjoy the freedom of movement, create with confidence, and elevate your tattooing experience to a whole new level with the Atlas Double Deck Adjustable Workstation.

Key Specs:

  1. 360 Degrees of Adjustability: The Atlas Double Deck Adjustable Workstation offers complete freedom of movement, allowing tattoo artists to easily adjust the workstation 360 degrees. This feature ensures optimal positioning for precise and comfortable tattooing.
  2. Strengthened Carbon Steel Frame: The workstation’s reinforced carbon steel frame enhances its durability and stability, making it a reliable choice for intense tattoo sessions. Tattoo with confidence, knowing the workstation can withstand the demands of professional use.
  3. Portable Handbag Included: For on-the-go tattoo artists, the Atlas Workstation comes with a convenient portable handbag. This allows artists to easily transport the workstation between locations, ensuring flexibility and mobility in their work.
  4. Height Adjustable: With a height adjustment range of 65cm to 95cm, artists can customize their workspace to find the perfect working height for comfort and efficiency. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by bending or straining during tattoo sessions.
  5. Optimized Deck Sizes: The workstation features two spacious decks with dimensions of 40cm by 60cm and 40cm by 40cm, providing ample space for all essential tattooing equipment. The optimized deck sizes ensure easy access to tools and ink bottles during the tattooing process.

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