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InkJet Stencils Tattoo Stencil Printing Ink allows you to print amazingly detailed stencils with lightning speed and scary detail! A patented methyl violet formula. This new formula allows the artist to print high-resolution images on a single ply paper for less than half the cost per page of other stencil paper products. One 4 oz bottle of InkJet Stencils will print approx. 3,000 stencils, averaging less that 10 cents per page.

Realism and portrait artists will save hours eliminating the need to hand-draw stencils. Shop owners will improve their bottom line by lowering their cost per stencil page and greatly improved efficiency of all artists.

InkJet Stencils is best used with an Epson EcoTank model printers (ET-2550, ET-2750 and similar models) along with Pacon tracing paper. We have found Inkjet Stencils will also work with Epson L120, M105, M205 models as well.

Once you’ve purchased all suggested products, simply fill the tank of the Epson EcoTank printer with the InkJet Stencil ink and load it with the Pacon tracing paper. Next, create an image on your wireless device or computer, then send the image to the printer to create the stencil. Should the image need adjustments, use your photo editor to modify the contrast and density of the image up to 5,000 dpi.

Made by the makers of Tatu-Derm!

**NOTE: Do not power up the printer until you have filled the ink tanks.

Stencil Prep Spray is designed to be used with Inkjet Stencil Ink. For precise and longer lasting stencil artwork, this stuff won’t rub off while tattooing or using Green Soap. Vegan Friendly solution, works well for all skin type

Makes transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination as it comes with Spray Nozzle

Made in USA – The only original and patented formula.

Works great with stencils printed using InkJet Stencil Ink and InkJet Stencil Paper.

Contains water, propylene glycol, stearic acid, triethanolamine, and germabenll.

Pacon Tracing Paper for printing Inkjet Stencils. Each sheet of Pacon tracing paper is 8.5″ x 11″ This is a semi-transparent parchment paper suitable for printing with the InkJet Stencils product or for tracing.

What you get: Inkjet Stencil 4oz Bottle, Stencil Prep Spray 8oz and Pacon Tracing Paper x 500 sheets

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