Kuro Sumi Gray Wash Shading Ink

Kuro Sumi Gray Wash Shading Ink

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Kuro Sumi shading tattoo ink is well recognized in the industry for being reliable, easy flowing and healing to great effect. Made in Japan with high attention to quality and tight safety regulations.

Kuro Sumi Grey Wash Tattoo Ink for Shading

Kuro Sumi is a popular brand of grey wash used for shading. Many artists swear by the great outcomes this stuff produces. This stuff flows effortlessly into the skin and heals wonderfully.

Importance of Black and Grey Shading Tattoo Ink

Black and grey shading with tattoo ink is a finely tuned craft. The difference between good shading and bad makes a huge difference in how the tattoo turns out. The shading is what gives the piece life and depth. Achieving the differences in tones can be accomplished by mixing diluting agents like Witch Hazel or alcohol.

Creating Tones with Black and Grey Shading Tattoo Ink

Black and grey shading tattoo ink can be diluted to create different tones. Start with several disposable cups spread on your work space. Each cup should be filled part ways with Witch Hazel, alcohol or for some water based inks, distilled water. The most important element of a diluting medium is that it is either anti-bacterial in nature, like Witch Hazel or alcohol or is free of contaminants to begin with as in distilled water. Add drops of black ink to each in cup until you have a good range of different shades. Mix the inks thoroughly using a mixer, ensure that your mixer is also sterile before you use it to avoid contaminating your newly mixed shades.

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