Rotary Tattoo Kits

Rotary Tattoo Kits

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3rd Gen Inkstar’s Rotary Tattoo Kit - 20 Color require about 2-3 volts less to engage and run.   Every part of this package from the type of machines to the type of tubes is the brain child of a team of experienced industry veterans. This is an excellent learning platform that will give you all the essential items you need to begin a journey of learning and discovery in the tattooing world!  

Rotary machines in this Rotary Tattoo Kits have been gaining in popularity since the turn of the decade.  The Recoil is based off a popular and well known rotary design.Ultra light assembly.  Features an adjustable click set give via the click slide mechanism.  Capable of engaging at 4.5v and runs at as low as 5.5v.  Assembled with a 3mm bearing, designated as a liner/shader, better for lining but suitable for both.  Fitted with RCA and clip cord mount.

WARNING: This kit contains items that can be used to tattoo human skin.  This setup is designed for people to learn how to tattoo by practising on mediums like practice skin, pigs skin and thick skinned fruits.  Human skin is NOT a practising medium and tattoos are PERMANENT, so if you do not have any experience or qualifications to do skin work, DO NOT use the items in this kit to perform a tattoo.  If you are serious about becoming a professional tattoo artist, a proper apprenticeship with a professional tattoo studio is the time honoured way of becoming one.  This kit will not make you a professional tattoo artist overnight but it will give you the tools you need to learn and practice to become one.

Rotary Tattoo Kit Components Checklist

1. Recoil Rotary LINER/SHADER
2. Blue Box LCD power supply
3. Clip cord
4. Foot pedal
5. Ink cups pack
6. Gunmetal ink cup holder
7. O rings pack
8. Grommets pack
9. Rubber bands pack
10. Hildbrandt Premium Needles: 3RL x 5, 5RL x 5, 5RS x 5 and 7M1 x 5
11. Aluminum grip with tube stem (Pictured with Stainless Steel Tip for artistic representation, does not come with tip attached)
12. Pre-sterilized disposable tubes/tips (4 pcs set)
13. Machine adjustment Spanner
14.Truecolor 20 color ink set

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