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This ultimate aftercare kit for piercings by Tattoo Goo contains:

Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Solution:

This all natural sterile solution helps to speed up the healing process for new piercings.  This saline solution will help cleanse, remove dried discharge and secretions when used on a daily basis.  May also help to reduce the potential for lumps and scars.  This product may be used on both oral and dermal piercings.  Blue Wave contains the highest quality pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (99.9% pure) as used in the medical industry. Sea salt contains a variety of untested minerals, metals, even heavy metals which could have negative effects on an open wound. This is why medical professionals, hospitals and emergency rooms choose to use the pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride as found in Blue Wave.  It is recommended to use this product 2-3 times per day.

Tattoo Goo’s Deep Cleansing Antibacterial Aftercare Soap for Tattoos & Piercings:

Tattoo Goo’s deep cleansing soap is an advanced broad spectrum germicidal killer while being gentle to the skin. The soap’s specially formulated cleansing agent PCMX-L cleans at a deeper level to prevent bacterial growth and infection by removing more dirt and dead skin cells. New healthy emerging layers of skin are exposed, an important step in tattoo healing and piercing aftercare.

X-pressions Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare:

CPC- MSM Complex formula, is advanced, safe and non-toxic. X-pressions Aftercare contains Cet-C a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Most antiseptics of this type are mouthwashes, which contain alcohol that may cause painful stinging on open wounds.  However,  X-pression contains no alcohol or sodium, instead it contains a pleasant flavoring, which provides for no bitter aftertaste, stinging or burning.

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