Allegory Tattoo Ink

Allegory tattoo ink has been taking the industry by storm with the ultimate black tattoo ink for lining and shading. Artists love the smooth and consistent blend of this carefully formulated dispersed pigment that meets the highest standards in the industry.  Now combined with their just as rich creamy white in a bundled package!

Packaged in an 8oz PET clear Squat Boston round bottle, each bottle of Allegory is heat sealed with tamper-resistant twist-dispensing tops to ensure safety. Each bottle comes with a glass marble agitator that helps blend the pigment smoothly and evenly.

What sets Allegory BLAK apart is its ability to deliver solid, bold lines while maintaining a rich darkness for shading. 100% vegan-friendly, meaning that it is free of any animal-derived ingredients. This makes it the ideal choice for artists and clients who prioritize ethical and sustainable products. Crafted and manufactured in the good old USA in a state of the art facility in South Florida.

If you are looking for a high-end consistent black ink that meets the needs of modern tattoo artists, look no further than Allegory. Try it today and experience the smooth tones, consistent blend, and unparalleled performance of this signature black and white tattoo ink