Kuro Sumi Ink

Kuro Sumi Ink has been gaining recognition as one of the best outlining and shading inks in the industry. There are a vast amount of shops all over the world that trust and swear by this brand. Kuro Sumi Ink is made in Japan and guaranteed to be authentic. Kuro Sumi Ink is known to heal with a defined bold tone that will make your outline work look fantastic.

Kuro Sumi for Black Inks Tattoos

Kuro Sumi Ink is designed for black ink tattoos. This product is made by burning a proprietary blend of plant fibre that creates a deep dark carbon soot. This stuff is known to go in dark and heal dark. Also, despite its tone, it is not thick as hell like other brands and therefore can go in the skin fairly easily. Beware of imitations as this brand, especially tattoo kits on Ebay that include bottles that look like this brands bottles. We are an authorized distributor of Kuro.

About Outlining with Tattoo Ink Tips

Outlining with tattoo ink is usually done with black ink. There are exceptions where the art you are doing is a solid color only, in these cases you may want to use a darker color base of the color of the tat to do the outline. Always keep a cup of distilled water with a dab of green soap around to dab your needle clean if there is buildup. Apply a dot of Vaseline on the area you are working to keep the ink from smearing. Always work from the side out so you do not distort the transfer. Do lines in one single stroke for solid and even lines. Always wipe evenly and soft, do not wipe too much as this may smear the ink and the transfer. Wiping with a soft dabbing motion will yield best results. For thicker lines, use a larger tattoo needle grouping and for smaller lines, use a smaller tattoo needle grouping. Always outline with a steady speed, doesn’t have to be too fast or slow but maintaining a steady speed will allow your hand to move in a steady motion that will produce even lines.