Cheyenne Hawk Cartridges

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Cheyenne Hawk  Cartridges

Cheyenne Hawk  Cartridges is Cheyenne’s most innovative invention for the benefit of the Tattoo Industry. Cheyenne Hawk  Cartridges provide precision, simplicity, efficiency and cleanliness in the highest form. They are carefully machined manufacture to the highest standards, made with medical grade plastic tips, with a back flow membrane, packaged individually and made especially for their machines.

Cheyenne Hawk  Cartridges features a safety membrane that keeps pigment, germs and bacteria from getting into the motor and contaminating the machine. Each cartridge is made for single use, and meticulously sterilized with the highest standards. Best of all is the variety Cheyenne offers, from bug pins to power liners to soft edge magnums. There are over 40 different sizes to choose from. Tattooing has never been easier!

Each box contains 10 pre sterilized cartridges.


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