Defend Tattoo Tablet Barrier Sleeves

Defend Tattoo Tablet Barrier Sleeves

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Defend Tablet Barrier Sleeves in a box of 100pcs. iPads and tablets have become more and more prevalent for staff use and patient communication. These invaluable tools are also the most subject to cross-contamination. These barriers are specifically designed to protect touch screen products while not interfering with their performance. Protect yourself and these valuable technology items from splash, splatter, over sprays and other risks.


Technical Info

• 1 Box of Tablet Barrier Sleeves, 100pcs/box
• Comes in easy dispensing box with cutouts to feed the sleeves through
• Specifically designed to protect touch screens
• Transparent sheets that enables you to see the screen clearly
• Size: 8′ x 11 1/2′, fits all sizes of tablets
• Adhesive is meant to seal on sleeve, leaving your clean and without any sticky reminisce.

More Info

Tips for using Tablet Barrier Sleeves for Tattooing

Using Tablets and Ipads have become the norm in our twenty first century technological age. And keeping the work station clean to avoid cross contamination is a basic requirement in any successful shop. This Tablet Barrier Sleeve is designed for workstation preparation, before you start any tattoo procedure. It is essential in keeping a sterile and safe work environment. After setting up your work area, use the sleeves to cover your tablet or ipad, these sleeves are meant to fit all tablet sizes.  After inserting your technology in the sleeve, seal it for a snug fit.

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